Phenolic Resin

Phenolic resin pultrusion profiles and gratings

Wherever escape routes are severely restricted, fires have tragic consequences. This is why the highest demands are made on fire protection in trains, tunnels, ships, refineries or offshore platforms.
Pultrusion profiles and gratings with phenolic resin matrix offer the best properties in terms of smoke density reduction, smoke toxicity and fire resistance.
The advantages of GRP products in general naturally also apply to profiles and gratings made of phenolic resin:

- easy machining and assembly
- Low electrical conductivity
- Low maintenance and non-rusting

Of course, we also process the components according to your specifications and create complete constructions.

The following fire protection standards can be met with phenolic resin.

EN 45545-2
BS 6853
NFPA 130
EN 13501-1
ECE R100
GB/T 31467.3

The flammability must be coordinated with the respective application.

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